Family, Friends or Fruit Basket Turnover???

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Holy Cow, Prince Charming & I have just returned from an incredible vacation adventure – Our First Cruise!

First Night Dinner - Michael & Julia

Seven Magical Days Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas Exploring The Beauty and Mysteries of The Caribbean.


Departing from New Orleans on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 2, we were filled with anticipation and excitement, looking forward to visiting three different ports of call ….

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Dock                      Cozumel Roadway                                    Cozumel Market

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Collage

and last but not least – – –

Falmouth and Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica Collage Resize

The ship was jaw-dropping beautiful, the ports were breath-taking, the entire experience was a bit surreal!

However, what struck me most, touched my heart, and imprinted my soul were the relationship observations I made along the way…

Did I mention we were traveling with 8 other adults????

Group Collage

2 Couples, 2 Single Men, 2 Single Woman Plus Prince Charming & Myself  Created A Very Eclectic Group of 10.

Consider These Dynamics…

Four of the Ten Currently Work Together

Two Work From Home (1 telecommutes – 1 is a business owner)

Two Work At Professional Jobs

and…. Two Have Professions I Am Still Unclear About.

Now Stay With Me –

Three Were Previously Related by Marriage (divorce brought that to an end)

Five Have Known One Another Over 20 Years

Four Have Known Each Other Over 20 Years (only one of which belongs to the above group)

Four Had Never Met Two Members Of The Group

One Had Been Friends With Two Of The Others Since Childhood

Are You Completely Confused, Yet????

Well, Good Thing You Don’t Have To Decipher All Those People, Right?

Here Is The Point….

All 10 members of our traveling party were strong, independent, educated, accomplished and successful people.

Sometimes opinionated and “set in their ways”  but, each embarking on a 7 day adventure and determined to create a wonderful experience for themselves and their companions.

It was incredible to be counted among this group!

When I think of those who accompanied me on this wonderful adventure, several terms come to mind –

Friend, Stranger, Family, Acquaintance, Sister, Brother, and more.

After spending seven days, living only a few feet from one another, I am reminded that terms and titles don’t mean much.

Acquaintances & Strangers become Friends – It’s A Sharing Thing

Friends become Family – It’s A Heart Thing

Sisters/Brothers Aren’t Required To Share A Bloodline – It’s A Soul Thing

Here is the synopsis of my week…

I loved the cruise “Thing” and can’t wait to do it again.

The Caribbean islands are more beautiful than I imagined.

The residents were awesome – welcoming, interesting and helpful.

And Finally –

No matter what you call them, the folks who share your days, bring something memorable to your life and adventures, tolerate your shortcomings, celebrate you accomplishments, shoulder your burdens,  and share your sorrows are truly treasures to be cherished!

To the 8 marvelous people who shared my Caribbean Adventure –

I send my heartfelt thanks along with a great big hug!

I would also like to say – – –

People Collage

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