They Are “My People” & I LOVE Them!

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I love MY Sweet Tea & Shopping Participants –

Each & Every One Of Them!

They are energetic, enthusiastic, organized, compassionate, encouraging, patient, helpful, and fiercely loyal.

Dang, when I put it in words I think they may be close to perfect!

Truth is, I do love all these things about Sweet Tea & Shopping vendors but, there is so much more to say…

The artisans, makers, crafters, & designers that come together at Sweet Tea Markets are talented & creative beyond belief.

They are savvy and resourceful entrepreneurs providing shoppers with an opportunity to view, enjoy and purchase some of the most incredible items available – Bar None!

They are warm, friendly, quick with a laugh, and welcoming to all … anxious and willing to share each and every detail of their creations and treasures.

Spend 60 seconds with any of them and you will walk away with a blessing in your heart and a smile on your lips,

Of This I Am Certain!

Still, there is more – the details and back stories run deep…

“My People” are special individuals, as varied and precious as snowflakes…

They are mothers, fathers, part-timers, full-timers, recognized artists, seasonal creators, kitchen table crafters and everything in between.

Some create to pass the time and some to make ends meet,

Some to maintain their sanity and some to relieve stress,

Some are seeking a higher understanding and some are sharing a passion

One thing is obvious, all create with love and appreciation-

The love of their craft

The appreciation of their ability,

and most importantly their zest for life.

Which brings me full circle –

They truly are “My People” –

and they freely give to me something that can’t be bought with silver or gold-

From each I receive a unique blend of love, passion, humble appreciation and recognition of life’s blessings – large & small!

For these gifts of the heart I am forever grateful and offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the Sweet Tea & Shopping participants!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend some time with “My People”

Join us at Sweet Tea & Shopping’s Spring Market

I know you will love them as much as I do!


To find out more about Sweet Tea & Shopping vendors…

Visit the Special Folks Page

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