Spring Market Is Headed To The Farm

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Well, Feb 25, 2013 was one for the history books!!!

I arrived at the The Depot Square Event Center prepared for an uneventful walk-thru meeting with the event manager.

I got the surprise of a lifetime!

Event Management & Ownership had decided that the rooms previously designated for our Spring Market were not going to be made available.

There I stood, less than 60 days from Market opening with 100+ vendors scheduled and confirmed , entertainers scheduled, advertising agreements in place and promo material printed and my venue was evaporating before my very eyes.

I began to tremble, my eyes began to fill, my mind began to blur, and the nausea consumed me!

As I rode home (head between my knees to avoid fainting), Prince Charming spoke to me – soft, gentle words of comfort and encouragement

Well, as always – God had THE plan!

It took several days to slow down enough to listen

I scrambled, I cried, I made pleading phone calls

In short, I was distraught, devastated and approaching desperate

One last site visit was scheduled – I went alone

It was a cold, damp & cloudy day –

much like my mood, I am embarrassed to admit.

First, one building then another – my mind began to see the light!

IMG_5710_1_1 IMG_5712_1_1

Then my heart began to smile – That’s when I knew this was not a problem I was to overcome but, a blessing I was to receive!

God had a plan for me and Sweet Tea

His vision was larger than mine

His intentions beyond my understanding

His plan was larger and more beautiful than my wildest dream

Because, I lost my focus – I nearly missed it all!

God was placing the 2013 Spring Market right where he intended. . .


Bottom View Farm – 185 Wilkerson Lane – Portland, TN

A beautiful and expansive, family owned and operated, 400 acre berry and fruit farm!

It’s wide open spaces, existing structures, established activities and attractions are the perfect backdrop for Sweet Tea & Shopping’s Spring Market.


As they often say, the rest is history

Yet, that is not quite true

Spring Market is growing by leaps and bounds since we announced the “last-minute” move

New vendors are joining our ranks

Entertainers are scheduling time to perform on our stage

Concessionaires and Food Trucks are planning their menus

As for me, I am remembering to loosen up on the steering wheel

God Has Got This and He Only Wants Me To Come Along For The Ride!

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