21 Days & Counting

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Following an unexpected 10 days spent nursing a severe and very untimely back injury, I left the house yesterday…

Prince Charming & I visited Bottom View Farm, Home of Sweet Tea & Shopping’s Spring Market

As We Entered The Barn, My Eyes Filled With Tears!

Mason Jar Fixtures – Grape Vine Chandeliers – Rafters & Supports Wrapped In Twinkling Lights – Freshly Installed Raw Wood Walls!!!
I felt certain I had died and gone to Barn Sale Heaven!

Barn Collage

As I stood looking at the interior of this big red barn, sitting proudly on this 400 acre farm,

I was overwhelmed with thankfulness!

I am so humbled by the fans, friends and countless others who have shown their support of Sweet Tea & Shopping!

We are 3 weeks away from Spring Market Weekend, I can scarcely believe that this time next month, Spring Market will be behind us and I will be planning Fall Frenzy.

It was less than one month ago, I received the news that Spring Market was at a crossroad – Relocate or Cancel – Scary Times!

Before the final round of chaos sets in, I want to take a minute and say thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, hugged on, loved on, cared and prayed for me.

I even (maybe especially) want to thank those who have provided a swift kick when I needed it!

You are the ones who whispered in my ear,

“You ARE Sweet Tea & Shopping, Don’t Let Them Take It From You!”

Well, I’m NOT Sweet Tea & Shopping…

The Incredible Artists, Designers, Crafters and Others Who Load Their Vehicles, Drive The Miles To The Venue, Unload and Miraculously Prepare The Most Incredible Of Spaces With Their Treasures – Only To Repeat The Entire Process, In Reverse, 48 Hours Later…


As George Jones sang, “The Race Is On…”

I can see the finish line and it looks like a fantastic Spring Market, to me!

Hope you are planning on joining us there!

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