Me and Sweet Tea

Hi There & Welcome To Sweet Tea & Shopping!!!!

I’m Julia –

Small-town southern girl with big eyes, big dreams & big ideas!

That is how I came to be “chief cook & bottle washer” of Sweet Tea & Shopping Market Events.

Most folks discover what makes me tick – in short order. . .

I am a lover of all things handmade, original, rescued, repurposed and rusty – a confessed junkin’ & craftin’ addict

I Love A Party, Festival  or Fair – I Thrive In Chaos!

As luck and blessings would have it, these things fit perfectly with my passion for planning market style vendor events.

Sweet Tea & Shopping  Marketplace Events allow me to gather and present an enticing and delightful showcase of talented artisans, crafters, designers, creators and small business entrepreneurs who never fail to produce the most incredible of items.

Swoon-worthy baubles & goodies can be found around each and every corner.

The opportunity to share & promote these creations and treasures, as well as the wonderful folks behind them, is an honor and privilege I cherish!

Though difficult to admit, I am not Wonder Woman!

So, it’s a very good thing that I don’t do this alone!

I have a fantastic family, a phenomenal group of friends, and an abundance of loyal shoppers who never fail me!

And. . . It goes without saying, Sweet Tea & Shopping boasts the most precious vendors in the world . . .

Talented, Creative, Supportive, Encouraging, and Beyond Loyal

What more could a girl need or ask for when planning a Market?

That brings me to the final, and perhaps most important, ingredient in my “mix”.

My number #1 fan, worst critic, hardest working free labor in the world, and love of my life!

My Prince

 Some know him as Michael, others as “Julia’s Husband”, and quite a few as “My Prince Charming”.

No matter the title, he is my rock and those who participate in Sweet Tea & Shopping Markets know he is INVALUABLE!

Sweet Tea & Shopping Is My Brain-Child but, it is the result of the hard work, dedication, and support of many!

Whether you are a shopper or vendor – Sweet Tea & Shopping will never disappoint!

In 2013, Sweet Tea & Shopping will be conducting five market events,

beginning with Spring Market at Bottom View Farm.

This 400 acre working berry & fruit farm is nestled in northern Sumner County  –

Truly a beautiful and picturesque setting!

When filled with creative minds, hearts & hands it is a perfect home for a Sweet Tea & Shopping Marketplace!

Mark Your Calendar Now For Each Of The 2013 Markets

Spring Market at Bottom View Farm – April 12 & 13

Fall Frenzy – A Handmade & Vintage Marketplace – September 20 & 21

Fallin’ For You – A Boutique Market – October 5

Last Chance Santa – A Handmade & Vintage Holiday Marketplace – December 13 & 14

Deck The Halls – November 30

If you are interested in participating in one of our markets, just complete the info request form.

Want to see a Sweet Tea & Shopping Market Event In Your Area?

Feel Free To Contact Us – We Are Happy To Discuss How We Can Bring A Market To Your Area!

Have Questions?  Want More Information?

I’m happy to help!

Visit Us On Facebook

or drop me an e-mail

Hope To See You Soon At A Sweet Tea & Shopping Marketplace!

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