That’s A Wrap!

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Spring Market Was Incredible!

Where else can you spend two days surrounded by so many talented folks and happy shoppers?

Thursday’s monsoon  rain, was no fun … causing delays in set-up, muddy grounds, and running water in many areas.  It was frustrating to say the very least!

However, Friday had a different tale to tell…

ImageClear skies, sunshine and the promise that all was right with the world (and Sweet Tea & Shopping).


Vendors arrived with cars, trailers, trucks – unloading the most beautiful of creations & designs – Spaces began to take shape – Spring Market sprang to life!

Doily Buntings, Burlap Kissing Balls, Chandeliers, Metal Flowers, Twinkling Lights, & Mason Jar Fixtures added just the right touch!


There was more yummy food than you can imagine!


Music and laughter filled the air!

Here you can see, Artist Kellie Montana, Me & My Canvas, as she took a minute to share a dance with a 95-year-old visitor, Pete.

ImageThere were special guests, like Ben & Hillary from FOLK Lifestyle


From the first shopper to the last, it was smile after smile!


There are just not enough ways to thank everyone who contributed to the success of Spring Market at Bottom View …

Friends, Family, Vendors, Shoppers, Visitors, and so many more!

I am humbled by your efforts and support!

Forever grateful is an understatement!

As always, I depend on my Best Friend to assist me in endeavor or task.

Spring Market is no exception

So my biggest Thank You goes to the Love of My Life, My Rock, The Better Half Of Me…

My One & Only Prince Charming


There are many more photos and stories to share, they will be coming soon.

For now, just want to say – Thanks Again!

21 Days & Counting

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Following an unexpected 10 days spent nursing a severe and very untimely back injury, I left the house yesterday…

Prince Charming & I visited Bottom View Farm, Home of Sweet Tea & Shopping’s Spring Market

As We Entered The Barn, My Eyes Filled With Tears!

Mason Jar Fixtures – Grape Vine Chandeliers – Rafters & Supports Wrapped In Twinkling Lights – Freshly Installed Raw Wood Walls!!!
I felt certain I had died and gone to Barn Sale Heaven!

Barn Collage

As I stood looking at the interior of this big red barn, sitting proudly on this 400 acre farm,

I was overwhelmed with thankfulness!

I am so humbled by the fans, friends and countless others who have shown their support of Sweet Tea & Shopping!

We are 3 weeks away from Spring Market Weekend, I can scarcely believe that this time next month, Spring Market will be behind us and I will be planning Fall Frenzy.

It was less than one month ago, I received the news that Spring Market was at a crossroad – Relocate or Cancel – Scary Times!

Before the final round of chaos sets in, I want to take a minute and say thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, hugged on, loved on, cared and prayed for me.

I even (maybe especially) want to thank those who have provided a swift kick when I needed it!

You are the ones who whispered in my ear,

“You ARE Sweet Tea & Shopping, Don’t Let Them Take It From You!”

Well, I’m NOT Sweet Tea & Shopping…

The Incredible Artists, Designers, Crafters and Others Who Load Their Vehicles, Drive The Miles To The Venue, Unload and Miraculously Prepare The Most Incredible Of Spaces With Their Treasures – Only To Repeat The Entire Process, In Reverse, 48 Hours Later…


As George Jones sang, “The Race Is On…”

I can see the finish line and it looks like a fantastic Spring Market, to me!

Hope you are planning on joining us there!